Our Story


After completing their Art school in France, and having lived in several countries like America, Africa, Carribbean and Asia, it is in Pondicherry in 2002 that French couple Pascal Lys and Isabelle Thevenet found their calling. They understood that light was a key element of perception of space. What we see, what we experience and how we interpret elements is affected by how light interact with us and the environment. The Designer duo decided to create and offer a range of customized handcrafted lamps taking it roots in the French Art craftsmanship to an educated, exigent and knowing customer base willing to acquire an original design with a perfect finish, delivered safely and on time anywhere in India.

Started in 2005

Started in 2005 with a single employee, their company named Pondymania has now become the largest fabric lamp designer and producer in South India, employing more than 20 persons, mainly women. Despite the size of the company and the increasing volume of orders, each lamp continues to be handcrafted individually, produced with methods and material that are carefully selected for their quality and integrity, in order to offer to the customer unbeatable finish.

The company has been distributing its products all over India through premium decoration or lighting stores across the country in Pondicherry, Chennai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Trivandrum, Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Guwahati. Also in collaboration with Architects and Lighting consultants, the Designer duo and their team has created and produced specific architectural lamps for most IT company offices, leading Indian and international company offices and 5 stars hotels in all Indian metros.

Atelier Lumys is the new brand created by the Designer duo. Atelier Lumys will highlight and push high the Values that have guided the company since its creation:

Customization and the willingness to go the extra mile: Our online catalogue guides our customer on how they can choose from different shapes of lamp, sizes, finishes and colours in order to create their own customized designer lamp. Each lamp is handcrafted one by one and delivered from Atelier Lumys workshop in Pondicherry.

Quality of the material, handcrafted techniques and process: Atelier Lumys quest for excellence to create luxury designer lamps. We develop our own handcrafted techniques and we pay attention to the process in transferring our savoir-faire to our employees. We work with the methods and materials that are carefully selected for integrity and quality.

Innovation and classicism of our design: Atelier Lumys embodies the essence of French elegance. All our lamps have one characteristic: it's versatility. We are continuously working on new designs, testing and developing innovative new techniques that enrich our catalogue. Regular collaboration with Key Architects and Lighting Consultants have allow us to push the limits of architectural lighting design and has helped strongly to enrich our field of expertise.

Customer care…not a mere and vague concept but a daily commitment from all our team at Atelier Lumys: We work hard to offer our customers the best possible experience from the moment they enter in contact with us up to the moment the final product is delivered to them. All our lamps are thoroughly checked before dispatch and rejected if not perfect. If unfortunately damages happen during the transport we replace any product that arrives damaged at destination free of any extra cost to the customer.

Respect and community responsibilities.  Good designing comes with responsibilities. We respect our employees, and we are providing them the maximum social benefits they can expect from ESI and EPF schemes. We provide them loan at 0% interest for education or family emergency in order to help them going out of the spiral of excessive debt by contracting loan at 80% interest from village money lenders. We respect and have developed friendly relationship with our suppliers and we make sure to pay their invoices as soon as presented, as we know that delay of payment from top end customer can be disastrous for small supplier at the end if pass on them. In order to have the less environmental impact as possible, most of our raw material is sourced locally, and whenever possible from the recycling chain.